Living a more environmentally-friendly life

While it can often be easy to reduce the energy consumption of your home, improving the energy efficiency of your actual life can be a more difficult task. Everybody is guilty of falling into habits that are bad for us and for the environment, although changing our habits can often prove to be a challenge. This spring, make the commitment to having a more positive impact on the planet by adopting a few new ways to live a greener life.

Here are some tips for living green:

  • Consume less meat: The production of livestock for the meats that we consume on a regular basis are a major contributor to the greenhouse gases that are released into the environment. To cut down on your contribution to this issue, only have meat on the menu in your house no more than once or twice a week.
  • Drive better: An easy way to improve the energy efficiency of your car is to be a more consistent driver. Make sure to always go the speed limit and avoid rapid acceleration or braking. This tip will also help you avoid having to fill the tank with pricey gas too frequently.
  • Use green cleaning products: Instead of relying on harsh chemicals to clean your home, opt for products that contain nothing but natural ingredients. Baking soda, white vinegar and essential oils will all be effective at whatever cleaning job you are looking to tackle. This will have the added benefit of being better for your health.

If you are a Maryland resident looking to make energy-efficient improvements to your life, schedule an appointment with R&J Tinting to learn more about our energy saving window film.