Keeping your home energy-efficient this summer

Summer is just around the corner, with months of beautiful and warm weather stretched out ahead of us. This is a time of year when families inevitably see their monthly utility bills rise, as they use excess power – as well as spend more money – to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature than they do other times of the year. Most residents switch on the air conditioner and leave it running without thinking twice about the situation. The truth is, high energy bills during the summer can easily be avoided, if you know how to break your worst power habits.

Here are a few myths about summertime energy efficiency:

  • AC must always be running: Most people think that for their homes to remain cool during the oppressive summer weather, they should leave their air conditioners running at all hours of the day and night. The truth is, the AC system will be much more effective if it is just kept on for short bursts of time and fans spread the cool air throughout the home. Cutting down on how often you use the AC can save you up to 20 percent in energy costs.
  • Leaving a window open is okay: Even when the air conditioner is on, some people have a tendency to open windows, reasoning that having one open will not effect the home's overall energy efficiency. The truth is, when you are using artificial sources of cooling, every door and window needs to be shut, or else you are literally throwing money and energy out the window for no real reason. Keep the warm air outdoors as much as possible.

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