How to improve the energy consumption of residential homes

When it comes to reducing the energy consumption of a house, homeowners have plenty of options in front of them. While this is good news for the environmental movement, the struggle is often in getting people to actually make the leap to a greener life. LED light fixtures, low-flow shower heads, turning down the thermostat and having windows tinted will all add up to a house that consumes much less energy than it currently does. But, often when people think about making the switch to an energy-efficient life, they are put off by the idea of making any sacrifices or having to put in the effort to changing their home.

Luckily, energy companies across the country have been coming up with ways to inspire people to make the eco-friendly switch. As recently reported by the Wall Street Journal, there are two main techniques that can be used in order to get people to upgrade their homes in energy-efficient ways. Not only will this have a positive influence on the planet, it will also greatly benefit your bank account – making even a few energy upgrades will cut down on the amount of power your house consumes on a regular basis, which means massive savings on your monthly utility bills.

Here are a couple of ways people have been inspired to improve their households:

  • Compare them to the neighbors: One of the most effective techniques to get people to improve their energy consumption is by showing them how they stack up to their neighbors. Opower – a Virginia-based energy company – sends out a two-page sheet to all of the customers of participating utilities showing their energy use and the power use of nearby homes in the area. Knowing how much they and their neighbors consume is a great motivator, as over the last year the utilities have reported a reduction in energy use from 1.8 to 3 percent. The short pamphlet also includes tips for how people can save that energy, even while away on vacation.
  • Make it easy: As we said above, one of the biggest obstacles to getting people to adopt energy-efficient changes is the challenges that it can present. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of having to fill out paperwork for rebates or other promotional energy saving techniques. To cut out the middle man, energy facilities are offering them discounts directly, while retailers have to go through the process of completing all of the necessary materials. The rebates allow people to easily invest in certain products – like LED or CFL bulbs – that they might otherwise overlook when improving their home. Making everything as simple as possible is a great boon for the industry!

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