Governor Terry McAuliffe to expand energy efficiency in Virginia

Earlier this week, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) announced his new clean energy plan for the state. The governor has long been an advocate for more energy-efficient power sources, and his new initiative would incorporate all kinds of renewable resources, including natural gas, solar and wind.

In a press conference on Tuesday, October 14, McAuliffe stressed how important it is for Virginia to build a new economy that is not reliant on federal dollars, but can be entirely designed around clean energy. His new plan was filed two weeks ago with the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy and will now go to the state General Assembly for approval.

This new strategy promotes an "all of the above" type of initiative, and McAuliffe stated that it is very important for Virginia to diversify the places where residents can get power. State and local governments must be doing more to incorporate wind, nuclear and gas energies, in addition to solar power. When it comes to these products, McAuliffe noted how Virginia lags behind surrounding states.

Citing that Virginia needs to become a leader in this area, McAuliffe's plan would give new authority to state agencies. His administration will now be able to promote the solar industry, as well as energy that is created by offshore wind farms. Dominion Virginia Power will also begin working on the creation of a wind power plan roughly 30 miles off of the state's coast.

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