EU members are now demanding strong climate change action

While the United States is beginning to look seriously at the problem of global climate change – with the announcement of new EPA regulations by President Barack Obama two weeks ago – other countries around the world are beginning to demand new energy efficiency targets. A quarter of the members of the European Union – seven countries – are now demanding binding energy targets to be met by 2030.

This is all in preparation for an international conference that will be held in the European Union in October. The purpose of that meeting will be to assess the growing threat of global climate change, as well as what can be done to counteract its affects. The European Commission – an executive part of the EU – is set to announce plans to boost energy efficiency, through the use of new green technology and renewable power sources, sometime in July.

"Reduction of energy consumption through energy efficiency is the most robust and cost effective means of increasing energy security and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, and there is still a considerable economic potential for energy efficiency improvements in most areas," said a signed letter from the leaders of the countries who want strong actions taken.

The EU countries that are now focused on energy and climate change are Denmark, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and Ireland. While no actions have yet to be taken, these leaders are hoping for major progress to be made by the end of the year.

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