Denver International Airport to install LED light bulbs

In a major move, the Denver International Airport (DIA) is taking the necessary steps to become a more energy-efficient building. The building is having 5,400 light fixtures retrofitted in order to make them able to accommodate LED light bulbs. The lights will be in the airport's east and west parking garages, central points for the airport.

The majority of outdated light bulbs that are being taken out will be replaced with 51 watt LED bulbs. The management of the Denver airport is expecting to reduce their power consumption by at least 45 percent each year, which is projected to save them $327,000 annually. The LED initiative is in addition to other lighting projects the airport is planning on undertaking.

"By replacing the existing lights with energy-efficient LED lights, we will reduce Denver International Airport's energy consumption and save a substantial amount of money over time," Kim Day, Denver's manager of aviation, told local reporters. "This project will also make the parking garages brighter and more evenly lit, increasing visibility and enhancing safety."

The retrofitting project is slated to begin sometime this month and is scheduled to be completed within one year. The entire initiative will cost the airport just under $3 million total, though some of this money will be made back, as it qualifies for a rebate under the program run by Colorado's Xcel Energy. The LED bulbs will be locally produced.

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