3 ways to prepare your home for fall

Fall is just a few short weeks away, which means that colder weather is soon going to be arriving in many areas of the country. Although fall and winter are wonderful times of year – major family holidays will be here before we know it – these next few months can also be very costly for homeowners.

As temperatures drop, heating costs will rise, particularly in those households that are not properly insulated around the windows or in the walls. Before winter sets in for the foreseeable future, you should taken an honest look at the areas of your home that need improving.

Here are a few tips for getting your place ready for the seasonal change:

  • Fill in the gaps: It is important that you check all the areas of your home where heat can escape. Around the windows, doors, the chimney – these are all common areas where air leaks. The faster you close these holes and gaps, the less money you will lose by paying for heat that will just be going outside.
  • Inspect the heating unit: If your furnace is more than a decade old, it could start to show signs of its age. You need to make sure that this machine is working at full capacity to keep every area of your house warm. A malfunctioning heating unit could cost you thousands of dollars in wasted heat.
  • Weatherstrip the windows: Adding a thin layer of foam weather stripping around all of your windows is a great way to keep the warm air in and the cold air outside. This is a simple do-it-yourself project that will yield fantastic results for your utility bills.

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