3 ways to create an energy-efficient backyard

Even though summer is winding down, that doesn't mean you should overlook the importance of having a yard that is energy-efficient. Even during the coldest winter months your yard can consume a fair bit of energy, which is just money that you are throwing away for no reason. The fall is still a wonderful time of year for you and your loved ones to spend in your yard – maybe around a fire – so be sure to take the steps necessary to making the yard as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Here are a few tips for creating an efficient backyard space:

  • Create a compost: When the leaves begin falling off the trees in your backyard, don't throw them into the garbage where they will just end up in a landfill. Instead, collect them and create a compost pile that you will be able to use as a fertilizer for your yard next spring!
  • Plant trees for shade: If you are sick of the amount of sunlight that comes into your house – creating a glare and heating up the interior – than trees are a perfect way to take care of that problem. Not only will your house benefit, but your yard will be much more comfortable during the oppressive summer months.
  • Replace the lights: This is another tip that you should incorporate both inside and outside of your home. With all of the light fixtures on your property, you should replace all of the bulbs with either CFL or LED models. These bulbs will cut down on the amount of energy that your household consumes.

If you are looking for other ways to improve the efficiency of your entire house, contact R&J Tinting today for more information about our Leesburg window tinting services.