3 ways to create an eco-friendly home

If you are looking for ways to have a more positive impact on the environment, you should begin with the amount of energy that your household uses on a regular basis and what you can do to reduce it.

Here are a few ways you can create an eco-friendly home:

  • Check the insulation: One of the most important ways you can make sure that your home is energy-efficient and eco-friendly is to have the proper insulation in your walls. If you find that the amount of insulation is sorely lacking, pick some up at your local hardware store and have it installed, or else enlist the help of a trained professional.
  • Have an energy audit: Before you begin making any changes to your home, you should know how the energy is currently being used. An energy audit is a great way for you to find out where an unnecessary amount of power is being consumed, and how changes to your habits and routines can change that. Scheduling an appointment with a professional as soon as possible will be a smart way to go.
  • Install new windows: If you have windows that are a decade or older, you should consider having them replaced with newer versions. Windows lose their ability to control airflow over time, so you are running the risk of letting your home's internal air escape. If you are having your windows replaced, getting them fitted with energy saving window film will also save you additional energy and money.

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