3 tips to help renters save energy

When it comes to saving energy, everybody wants to look for ways in order to reduce their utility payments. This is true whether you own your own space or you rent an apartment or townhouse from a landlord. Not only will consuming power in smarter ways be beneficial for your bank account, it will also have a positive impact on the environment. There are certain ways that you can make your residence more energy-efficient, many of which can be implemented without you having to break the bank.

Here are a few tips for renters to greatly improve their apartment's energy efficiency:

  • Replace the lighting: Even though your apartment likely came with lighting provided, you should switch it out for more energy-efficient models. LED bulbs and CFL fixtures consume much less power when being used, which will result in an immediate drop in the amount of energy that your apartment uses on a monthly basis.
  • Take faster showers: If you apartment is not equipped with a low-flow showerhead, you can reduce the amount of water that you use each day by shortening the amount of time you spend in the shower. Train yourself to wash completely and quickly on a regular basis.
  • Use cold water: While cleaning your clothes, you should use cold water in your building's machines. This way, nobody will have to pay for the energy that is expended to warm up the water, while your clothing will be just as thoroughly washed.

If you are a Maryland resident who either owns or rents their home, be sure to cut down on the amount of energy it uses by scheduling an appointment today with R&J Tinting to learn about the energy-efficient properties of our Maryland window tinting products and services.