3 common house cooling myths

Every homeowners wants to save money on their utility bills during the summer, but this can often be at odds with the equal desire to keep the interior of their households cool. Because a large amount of people rely on their air conditioning units during the hot summer months, they often see a rise in their energy bills. While this is inevitable, there are certain ways that the amount of power being used can be saved, as well as being put to use in more efficient ways. There are popular misconceptions out there, however, when it comes to cooling your residence.

Here are a few common myths about keeping your house comfortable:

  • Bigger air conditioners are better: The size of the air conditioner does not matter. The only thing that matters is how well it's maintained. A machine of any size will work well as long as it is kept clean and running smoothly.
  • Fans cool down a room: While many people like to use fans during the summer, the truth is that these devices do not really do anything to lower the temperature of the space. While you will certainly feel cooler – by moving the air over your skin and reducing your body temperature – they do nothing for the amount of heat in the room. They are largely a waste of energy.
  • Setting a lower temperature is more effective: Many people are of the school of thought that by setting their ACs to a lower temperature, they will work faster to get the room cool. This is not the case, as the machine will work at the same pace no matter where you want the temperature to be. Having it colder just makes the machine work harder, wasting energy.

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