Residential Decorative Films

decorative window films for homesUnlike doors, walls or other exterior furnishings, the look of a house’s windows can help define both its outdoor and indoor aesthetic. Decorative window styles, like textured or etched glass, add an inviting charm to the outside of a house while creating a sense of personality inside. Different colors or patterns designed into a home’s windows can also shape how light comes into a room, which in turn affects a number of other factors, such as brightness or climate. There’s no doubt that decorative windows can add a personalized touch to any home.

But they’re also not the easiest additions to implement. Installing etched glass windows can be an expensive and difficult process with a certain degree of upkeep needed to maintain the look. Their designs are also fairly set in stone, as etched glass is nearly impossible to change should you want to do so.

This is what makes decorative window film such a handy tool for those who would like to remodel and update the look of their home. More affordable and easier to install than their glass counterparts, this brand of high-quality residential window tint offers the kind of custom, designer-savvy look that can help spruce up any house.

At R and J Tinting, not only do our decorative options offer style, but they also double as privacy window film. This kind of tinting still allows light to filter in while also helping to prevent unwanted eyes from peering into your home, thus ensuring that your life indoors is yours and yours alone.

Homeowners in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., are encouraged to contact us to learn more about the aesthetic values and privacy capabilities of residential window film.