Huper Optik Window Films

Huper Optik

Of all the commercial and home window tinting film installed by R and J Tinting, Huper Optik meets the highest standards of quality, durability and energy efficiency. Many of these films are 100 percent ceramic and feature no dyes, giving them unparalleled clarity and a tint that won’t fade. As a result, these designs can last for up to 30 years, while the competition can generally only guarantee a lifespan of between 15 and 18 years.

Huper Optik has been a leading innovator in window tinting since 1994, embracing a philosophy that doesn’t focus on profit, but instead on the environment. They have taken out numerous patents on their revolutionary products that have given them an edge when it comes to creating the best shade and energy efficiency for any commercial or residential setting. If you are looking to lower your energy costs or simply provide more security for your property, you can’t go wrong when you choose a Huper Optik film.

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Ceramic Series

The German Engineers at Huper Optik created the world’s first nano-ceramic solar control films. These developers worked hard to employ advanced techniques while maintaining meticulous control over the development process. The results are films that are high performing heat, glare and ultra-violet light barriers. The premium films in Huper Optik’s ceramic series easily outperform any traditional dyed, metallic or powder-coated designs available on the market today.

Select Series

The films in the Huper Optik Select Series are your go-to product for models that help increase the energy efficiency of your residence or office. In creating each of these pieces, developers undergo a delicate process that involves depositing alternating layers of microscopic gold and silver particles along with dielectric substances onto ultra-clear membranes. Available in a wide array of shades, these films can protect against glare and heat while giving your home or office the aesthetic you desire both inside and out – not to mention privacy.

Fusion Series

A fusion film offers a home or business owner a shade and look that is beautiful – as these designs are available in a wide array of shades – while at the same time working to keep energy costs down. The neutral tones of these shades offer both privacy and premium heat rejection, allowing interiors to remain comfortable throughout the year without compromising views. Whether you are looking to increase the security of your structure or simply lower its impact on the environment, the Fusion Series can help you accomplish both.

Therm-X Series

If HVAC consumption is a concern in your home or office, you need not look any further than the Therm-X Series for window film. These designs offer best-in-class heat protection without robbing a window of clarity and natural light. This is accomplished by applying a proprietary blend of metals to an ultra clear film, giving customers a great return on their investment. Best of all, Huper Optik offers a 15-year warranty on these designs, so you can rest assured that this investment was a wise one for your home or office.

What makes this company so special is that they have a great culture and working relationship with all of their vendors. R and J Tinting is proud to be a premier D.C., Virginia and Maryland window tinting specialist who are committed to satisfying all of our customers with every job we undertake.

Huper Optik