HanitaTek Window Tinting Films



When it comes to exterior window films, no company has a better reputation than Hanita Tek, which has spent decades developing top-quality window films for residential, commercial and industrial use. Hanita Tek has led the way in creating films that last for the long haul on an international scale, having established themselves as industry leaders in Europe before bringing their product to the United States.

The films from Hanita Tek have a litany of benefits for consumers, as they can provide top-notch security, energy efficiency and aesthetics when applied to the exterior of a window. These designs are especially useful in settings where conditions prevent the installation of an interior film, whether this pane is unreachable or perhaps the conditions within the structure could potentially cause the interior film to inflict thermal shock or seal failure. These products have been authorized by the International Window Film Association (IWFA), the industry’s governing body. As well, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the group that authorizes all products that go on windows stateside, place their label on all Hanita Tek packaging, as they too recognize these products as the best in the industry.

Exterior Films

In Europe, exterior films have been popular for years, as companies like Hanita Tek have been able to provide designs that are not only weatherproof, but even scratch resistant, essentially reinforcing the glass it is applied to. Now, more individuals in the United States are looking to exterior films to help them with needs specific to the windows they have in their home, office or other structure. While interior films are a good option for homeowners who are looking to establish an aesthetic, high-tech exterior designs offer a higher level of functionality.

Residential Use

Hanita Tek exterior films help reduce the amount of thermal energy and ultraviolet rays that enter a property, whether by reflecting damaging glare or through absorption. The effects of this are twofold. The reduction of solar energy that comes through the windows lowers the amount of heat that enters the house, reducing the need for air conditioning and other temperature controls that weigh heavily on a home’s utility costs. As well, it reduces fading on furniture and carpeting that comes about as a result of continual direct sunlight.

During strong storms, the appropriate Hanita Tek film can also help protect your window from flying debris by holding broken glass together after a collision. This is also an invaluable attribute in shielding a home from intruders, as this film will help the window retain its shape when a burglar intentionally smashes the pane.

Commercial Use

Just as these films are a great safety asset for protecting windows in the event of an intruder or a damaging weather event, they have even more benefits when it comes to a commercial or industrial setting. If you own a building in a busy part of downtown, for example, blasting as part of either road work or construction could cause your windows to shatter. These films act as a reinforcement in not only helping the window endure heavy reverberations, but also minimizing potential messes that may come about as a result of a major break.

Many businesses also find themselves the victims of vandalism, namely in the form of graffiti, that can be costly to remove. The appropriate Hanita Tek film can help make your windows graffiti-resistant when placed on the exterior of the pane, preserving the look of a building from the outside.

Triple pane glass, laminated glass, skylights and low E windows all benefit from having exterior film, and you can’t do any better than choosing Hanita Tek. For the best window tinting in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, contact R and J Tinting today.