DC Window Tinting

Not only is Washington, DC our nation's capital, but it is also one of the country's major metropolitan regions and a hub of commercial and industrial activity for the Mid Atlantic – not to mention a densely populated urban center. Nearly every homeowner and business operator in the DC area could benefit from placing window film on their structure, whether they are looking to add a little privacy to their storefront or office, or simply to contribute to the aesthetic pleasantness of their home's interior. With a reputation for success and a wide array of window film options, R and J Tinting can help provide the perfect light control to fit any of your tinting needs.

A more efficient, and beautiful, interior

Thermal energy from the sun's rays can have a big impact on the climate within your home or office, especially when you have windows that are constantly exposed to light during the daytime. By placing thermal capturing window films on your window, you can help moderate temperatures indoors, allowing you to have a better grasp on your home heating or cooling costs throughout the year.

Not only can you improve your energy efficiency, but by reducing the amount of distracting sunlight that enters a room, you make using this space a more enjoyable experience. What's more, you minimize the risk of sun damage on your carpets and upholstery, making window tinting a long-term investment that protects your belongings.

Increase privacy and safety

Many of our specialty films are designed to reinforce the glass that they cover. As well, some of these models have the benefit of shielding a certain interior space from passersby without affecting the view of the outside world.

No matter what your Washington DC window tinting needs may be, contact R and J Tinting to discuss what options will work best for your situation.