Commercial Tempered Films

Commercial Tempered FilmsWhen windows break – as they inevitably do – they leave behind hundreds, if not thousands, of glass shards that can cause potential harm to anyone nearby. This risk is increased several more times if high winds start kicking up, carrying these dangerous glass pieces into the air and launching them as tiny projectiles. There’s no helping windows from breaking – they don’t always break, but they always could. What can be helped, though, is how employers can protect their employees and themselves should a window in the workplace shatter.

There are innumerable scenarios that could involve broken windows. From hurricanes to burglaries, the possibilities for damaged or destroyed glass windows runs the gamut. But tempered window film can help mitigate the potential for harm in these situations.

Tempered commercial window tinting can be installed onto windows throughout an office building, coating each glass surface in a multi-layered film that helps minimize danger from broken glass. Should strong storm winds or some other kind of disaster strike and break a window, the tempered film will hold the pieces in. As the glass shards remain anchored to the commercial window film, they can’t spread and injure people in the workplace.

Commercial Tempered FilmsCommercial tempered film also makes great financial sense for businesses, as purchasing and implementing this kind of tinting is more cost-effective and less time-consuming than typical window installations or replacements. The use of tempered window tinting film also helps avert potential lawsuits and subsequent financial damages that could be awarded should an employee ever become wounded by a broken window while at work.

Businesses looking to save money and maximize occupational safety should invest into commercial tempered film as a protective barrier for their office building’s windows.