Commercial Solar Protection

commercial solar protection

At the end of the day, business is all about the bottom line. No matter what product you’re offering or what clientele you’re servicing, if you can’t get the numbers to work and make ends meet, then your business will suffer. So, on the surface, something like commercial window tinting may seem like a luxury that you could do without. But in reality, this kind of window tinting can go a long way in helping your company’s finances.

Solar window film tinting works to absorb heat and light from the sun, reducing the amount of thermal energy that can be transmitted into a building through its doors or windows. Solar heat gains can affect indoor climates and force your HVAC systems to unnecessarily generate more energy to balance out this increase in temperature, which in turn drives up utility costs. With heat control window film, you can cut down on the amount of solar heat absorbed through windows, thereby reducing the amount of energy your building has to produce and yielding cheaper energy expenses in the long run.

Window tinting film also has an added health benefit for employees too. Tinting with built-in UV window protection can curb the amount of ultraviolet rays transmitted by the sun through an office building’s windows. UV radiation not only creates superficial skin damage but is also a leading cause of skin cancer, which can affect as many as one in 75 Americans. With solar control window film, you can minimize the risk of absorbing UV radiation – and potentially developing a risk of melanoma – for employees that are merely sitting too close to windows.

Businesses can benefit greatly – in terms of both company finances and employee health – by investing into low-cost, high-value solar control window tinting. Click here to contact us today.