White House announces new energy-efficient federal funding

On the morning of Thursday, September 18, the White House announced an ambitious new funding program for energy efficiency projects across the entire country. The statement comes ahead of next week's international climate summit, where leaders from all across the globe will meet to discuss what actions should be taken to combat the growing threat posed by climate change.

The White House will pledge $68 million in federal funds on some 540 energy-efficient projects in the United States. There will be a particular focus on solar power, as nearly 300 of those projects will consist of solar technology. In addition to this, the White House is going to propose stricter rules on commercial air conditioners that are used in federal and private buildings.

It is the goal of the Obama administration to bolster the United States' green standing in the world, which will help both the environment and consumers. It is predicted that these steps alone will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide – which traps heat – in the atmosphere by 300 million metric tons by 2030. That is the equivalent of taking 60 million cars off of the road for an entire year.

These changes will exist in addition to the larger environmental goals of the Obama administration, as the EPA gears up to release new ideas and proposals for the government to implement throughout next year and into 2016. Over 100 nations are set to gather in New York next week for the United Nations Climate Summit, though it is not known what progress will be made.

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