Virginia businesses recognized for energy efficiency efforts

Nearly a year ago, companies all over the state of Virginia began to participate in the Better Business Challenge, a contest constructed to encourage local places to improve their energy efficiency. The companies worked to reduce the amount of waste they were producing, as well as finding better ways to consume power, water and smarter ways of transportation. On Thursday, June 19 the 10 month challenge came to a close.

Eight local Virginia companies and agencies were awarded for their efforts to have a more positive impact on the environment. These companies included Charlottesville Dental Health Partners, Woodard Properties, the Paramount Theater and Tandem Friends School. All of these places were dedicated to this challenge and putting a stop to their contributions to pollution and global climate change.

"We have been thrilled at the success of these businesses finding both common sense and creative ways to reduce waste and use less energy," Teri Kent, founder of local nonprofit Better World Betty and manager of the challenge, told DailyProgress. "Initiatives like the challenge promote the long-term economic vitality, resiliency and sustainability of our community."

Virginia has begun to emerge as a national leader when it comes to energy efficiency, a trend that experts hope to see continue well into the future, particularly under the proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations recently announced by the Obama administration. These companies are already well on their way to helping contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

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