How energy efficiency can impact U.S. national security

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are plenty of reasons why it is a good idea to adjust the way we consume and interact with power. Lower utility costs and increased value of a space is often the logic used by those who own homes or a commercial building, but there could actually be a more far-ranging reason why we should bolster our efficiency – national security. Those who have an interest and responsibility in keeping the United States safe and running efficiently generally do not think of energy efficiency first, but it is time to change that attitude!

The United States economy currently wastes 86 percent of the energy that it now consumes. These come from various sources – gasoline, electricity, natural gas. Because we are so heavily dependent on foreign nations for our sources of power, it makes the U.S. more vulnerable to the economic and political instability of countries around the world. In order to prevent this dependency from increasing in the future, we must focus on how we can improve our energy use and look towards renewable sources to offer us a way to power ourselves while having a minimal impact on the environment.

Here are a few ways energy efficiency can improve our national security:

  • Boosts energy independence: Here in the United States, we value the idea of independence. So why not extend that ideal to what we use to power our lives? According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), increasing the average fuel efficiency of cars to 45 miles per gallon would reduce our oil use by over two million barrels every day, which is around half of what we have imported from countries in South America and the Middle East. We would be able to majorly reduce what we have to have brought into this country.
  • Decreases energy demand: This is perhaps the most obvious way that being energy-efficient can keep America more protected when it comes to our national interests. If you rely more heavily on natural sources of energy, such as solar and wind, we won't have to be as involved with oil-rich countries all over the world. This is also a very economical way to go, as we would no longer be paying such high prices for crude oil and other elements to those places that can often be hostile to American interests.
  • Reduces cost of defense: The less troops we have spread out across the globe, the less money the U.S. will have to spend on national security. It is well-documented that the defense budget of the U.S. is significantly higher than every other country on the planet, so increasing energy efficiency would be a great way to begin rolling back some of the unnecessary expenditures.
  • Roll back climate change: One of the major ways that the U.S. can improve its national security is by helping the environment. Global climate change is something that is impacting – and will continue to impact – every nation on the planet. By using more eco-friendly means of powering our lives, we can help reduce the negative effect we have on the planet. Not only will that be beneficial for our country in the short-term, it will drastically improve the outlook of the future decades and centuries from now.

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