How cities could improve their energy efficiency

Earlier this week, world leaders gathered from around the globe at the United Nations, to tackle a variety of issues that are currently plaguing the planet. One of the top priorities of this gathering was to try and tackle the issue of climate change, which is already beginning to impact our lives. The Global Climate Summit was just one part of the international meeting, though many environmental activists are not holding out much hope for a lot to get accomplished, particularly after plans stalled at the last eco-focused gathering in 2009.

While this debate is still being had at the top level of international politics, a new report out from the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group says that with the right changes made, cities around the world have the potential to cut global coal usage in half by the year 2050. Better energy management could also wipe out nearly 8 gigatons of carbon emissions within the same timeframe. This would go a long way to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to limit climate change to 2 degrees per year, the number recommended by scientists.

Here are a few ways cities can help reduce their negative environmental impact:

  • Aggressive performance benchmarks for urban lighting
  • Creating new energy-efficient standards for all buildings
  • Retrofitting existing buildings to fit the new standards
  • More efficient methods of public transportation

No matter where you live, in a major city or out in the suburbs, it is important to be aware of the effect you have on the environment. If you want to help improve the energy efficiency of your own home, be sure to schedule an appointment today with R&J Tinting! We have a wide range of Northern Virginia window tinting services.