Hillary Clinton urges Las Vegas casinos to go green

Earlier this month, former Secretary of State and possible 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the 7th annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. During her address, Clinton discussed the current state of the country's energy consumption, as well as her belief that America could become a global leader in green power in the near future.

Clinton called for Las Vegas companies and casinos to retrofit their buildings to become more energy-efficient, and stated her belief that the major industry of the city is more than up to the task. The battle for a cleaner and healthier environment needs to be fought at every level, particularly with massive electricity users such as the casinos in Las Vegas.

"Imagine if every casino in Las Vegas retrofitted to improve energy efficiency and if they made it possible for all their employees to do the same in their homes," Clinton said in her remarks. "It would save on utility bills. It would save on energy. It would save on greenhouse gas emissions."

According to Clinton, one of the most overlooked opportunities for clean energy in the United States is retrofitting existing buildings. Not only will this help occupants and residents save money on their utility bills each month, it will also create jobs in the green sector and help strengthen the still-recovering economy. Making major changes in our national energy use needs to be a top priority for politicians.

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