Better Buildings Neighborhood project a success for the Obama administration

President Barack Obama has made improving the energy efficiency of the United States one of the centerpieces of his second term in office. While Congress recently failed to pass a comprehensive energy bill earlier this month, the administration has taken several steps to help reduce the country's dependence on sources of power that are bad for the environment. In addition to the sweeping changes that are due to come to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in early June, Obama has also launched the Better Buildings Neighborhood Initiative.

According to new numbers released by the U.S. Energy Department, President Obama's Climate Action Plan and the Better Buildings Neighborhood Initiative has already resulted in positive benefits for local communities across the country. The program has already helped 40 local and state governments upgrade over 100,000 buildings, which has resulted in the saving of $730 million in power expenses. The Energy Department worked to make improvements to residential and commercial buildings to help launch eco-friendly and sustainable societies.

"In the United States, residential and commercial buildings account for about 40 percent of all energy use," Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said in a statement. "Upgrading the energy efficiency of our homes and other buildings will save families and businesses money on utility bills and reduce pollution in our communities, moving the nation closer to our clean energy future."

The Better Buildings Initiative was originally started by the Obama administration four years ago, with an initial investment of $508 million from the federal government and an additional $1 billion in support from public and private donations.

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