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Colorado to increase solar and wind energy dependence

Regulars in Colorado have paved the way for Xcel Energy to boost the amount of wind and solar power in its Colorado system. The approved request seeks to increase these renewable sources of energy in the state by 25 percent.

California to double solar and wind energy by 2020

California is looking to nearly double its solar and wind energy reliance by the year 2020. For homeowners that want to make their houses more energy efficient, contact R&J Tinting for a variety of solar window films.

Interest groups pressure EPA for energy efficiency regulations

The EPA is being pressured to include energy measures in upcoming regulations. If you are a homeowner hoping to reduce your energy costs this winter, R&J Tinting can help. They offer a wide variety of commercial and residential window films.

Renewable energy usage not growing fast in California

While the state of California might not be consuming renewable energy in a fast-growing rate, there is plenty homeowners in Washington, D.C., and Maryland can do to make their own houses energy efficient and friendly for the environment. Find out how much energy and money you could save by investing in residential window films from R&J Tinting.

Have a merry (and energy efficient) Christmas

Improving the energy efficiency of your home year round is easy with the use of protective window films. To reduce your heating and electrical expenses, contact R&J Tinting Solar & Security Films Solutions to discuss their wide variety of options.

Can Congress pass a bipartisan energy bill?

While Congress debates whether or not to pass a new energy efficiency bill before the holiday break, there are plenty of steps a homeowner can take to ensure their home is efficient and environmentally friendly. R&J Tinting Solar & Security Film Solutions can help with all DC window tinting needs.