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White House lends its support to Shaheen-Portman

If passed, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act – better known as Shaheen-Portman – would mark the first substantial energy legislation in six years, according to The Huffington Post.

Smart glass windows offer new solution to energy efficiency

The common household window remains the biggest source of heat loss in a home, consequently forcing household temperatures to compensate, which drives up utility bills unnecessarily. But a new breakthrough in “smart glass” windows could redefine home energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency contest chooses Connecticut homes for upgrades

Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) and The United Illuminating Co. (UI), two regional utility companies that service the electricity needs of the Constitution State, launched a new contest designed to raise awareness about the benefits of eco-friendly homes.

White House releases new guidelines for energy efficiency

In accordance with the Obama Administration’s Climate Action Plan – which aims to save billions on electrical expenses and drastically curb the country’s carbon dioxide emissions – the Department of Energy recently released two proposals for new guidelines that would help make commercial appliances more energy efficient for businesses.