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Virginia takes major step forward on renewable energy

Dominion Virginia Power made an impressive move earlier this month when they paid $1.6 million to lease a tract of land off the coast of Virginia Beach for the country’s first offshore wind power farm.

ACEEE endorses Shaheen-Portman amendment

In a new assessment of Shaheen-Portman, ACEEE praised the bill’s State Energy Race to the Top Initiative amendment, labeling it number one in its cost-benefit ratio for taxpayers and number two in the potential energy costs it could save for consumers.

How cost-effective is maintaining an energy efficient home?

With the country taking more eco-friendly steps every day, the housing market is beginning a shift toward benefiting homeowners of energy efficient houses, revealing a new perk of green living: A more valuable home.

Virginia gubernatorial candidates argue state energy policy

Energy efficiency has long been a hot subject of debate for politicians and that continues to hold true in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, where the two candidates have outlined their own, very different plans on energy policy for the commonwealth.

Proposed amendments cause Shaheen-Portman to stall in Senate

After months of anticipating the bipartisan Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill’s arrival in the Senate for debate and possible passage into law, supporters found themselves frustrated all over again after a series of proposed amendments slowed down the legislation’s momentum.