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More states adopting energy efficiency policies

A new report from the Edison Foundation’s Institute for Electric Efficiency (IEE) shows that the number of states employing these methods – and in turn, promoting energy efficient living – has grown considerably in recent years, with now a total of 31 states using cost recovery tools like revenue decoupling.

Utah's "Zero Home" is the country's most energy efficient house

According to Earth Techling, a green technology news outlet, the very first “Zero Home” has been built in Utah. Named after its officially certified status as a net-zero, energy-efficient property, every ounce of power used by the Zero Home is generated completely on-site thanks to sources of renewable energy.

Chicago proposing transparency on buildings' energy use

Chicago lawmakers have proposed a new city ordinance that would make the energy consumption of buildings public knowledge, as part of a goal to reduce energy use in half of the city’s buildings by 30 percent over the next seven years.

Department of Energy to focus on small buildings

While DOE has predominantly looked at federal agencies and large businesses as subjects for more stringent building codes and other sustainability upgrades, the department is now also looking to focus on reducing the energy consumption of smaller buildings too.

Washington D.C. setting example for energy efficiency

Centering itself at the forefront of the White House’s new push for nationwide energy efficiency, Washington, D.C., is looking to set an example for the rest of the country as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly city. Or at least, that’s the goal of Mayor Vincent Gray’s new Sustainable DC initiative.