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Little-known household energy drains

There some less-than-obvious sources of energy consumption around the average home, ones that can contribute heavily to your electricity expenses.

Making windows more energy efficient

Any homeowner looking to improve their residence’s energy efficiency – and greatly reduce their monthly utility expenses – should invest in renovating their windows around the house.

United States only 39 percent energy efficient

A new report from the Department of Energy-funded research center Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reveals that the United States has only achieved 39 percent efficiency thus far.

The rise of energy-efficient microgrids

With support for energy efficiency gaining momentum among both businesses and the government, the green power movement could outright replace the electrical grid with smaller, renewable microgrids.

Demand for energy efficiency calls for return to traditional building materials

Construction companies have begun using older, more traditional materials that had been ignored by the building industry for decades. Because these older materials have environmentally-friendly roots, they are perfectly conducive to building the kinds of green homes that Americans are clamoring for.