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New light bulb law takes effect

A new law signed in 2007 has recently taken effect, with new regulations for what kinds of light bulbs can and cannot be produced in the United States.

Bulb manufacturers to cease incandescent light production

A new set of light bulb rules that were signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2007 are slated to begin taking affect in early 2014. The law requires all bulb manufacturers to cease making standard incandescent 40 and 60 watt lights in favor of energy efficiency ones.

Tougher building codes for California’s energy efficiency

The state of California is going to begin imposing stronger building codes for developers and contractors over the course of the next year. These codes have been put into place to improve the state’s energy efficiency.

Save energy and money this winter

To avoid sky-high costs during the next few months, there are ways you can increase your energy efficiency and make sure you are getting the most out of your house. By changing a few things, you can save energy, money, and increase the long-term value of your house.

Vermont made $3 million for energy efficiency in 2013

The state of Vermont has hugely profited since entering the cap-and-trade carbon allowance market of the northeast in 2009. It uses the money to invest in its own state wide program dedicated to cutting down heating costs for homeowners.